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The TGTextStream class is a buffered metastream for reading text from and writing text to a stream. The TGTextStream class is a TGBufferStream descendant. It works by manipulating another stream (assigned at construction). The TGTextStream class provides many help methods to read and write values as text to the stream. The TGTextStream class is an excellent class for parsing text files.

The TGTextStream class is based largely on the TS_TextStream class from "Secrets of Delphi 2" by Ray Lischner. Modified and used here by his kind permission.

Namespace: GStreams

If the file can not be opened, Create raises an exception.

public constructor


Overloaded. Initializes a new instance of the TGTextStream class.

public destructor


Represents the destructor of the TGTextStream class. (Overrides GStreams.TGBufferStream.Destroy.)


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