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TRSCustomGeneticAlgorithm.SaveToXML(IXMLGADomainType) Method

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Saves the Genes and the Population to the IXMLGADomainType interface. Use the    LoadFromXML and    SaveToXML methods to read and write only the Genes and Population to XML. The format of the XML is defined in the GeneticAlgorithm.xsd schema file. The TRSCustomGeneticAlgorithm component uses the RSGeneticAlgorithmXML.pas unit and its IXMLGADomainType interface to the XML.

Use the overloaded    LoadFromXML and    SaveToXML methods to read and write the entire TRSCustomGeneticAlgorithm component in XML.

Namespace: RSGeneticAlgorithm



Type: IXMLGADomainType

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