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TSVGTextPath.GetBaseline(TSVGCustomText,TSVGCanvas,Char,TSVGShapePath) Method

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Returns the baseline of the character based on the element's Font property. The baseline refers to the alignment point for the characters in a string of text. In horizontal writing-modes, the glyphs of a given script are positioned so that a particular point on each glyph, the alignment-point, is aligned with the alignment-points of the other glyphs in that script. The glyphs of different scripts, for example, Western, Northern Indic and Far-Eastern scripts, are typically aligned at different points on the glyph. For example, Western glyphs are aligned on the bottoms of the capital letters, northern indic glyphs are aligned at the top of a horizontal stroke near the top of the glyphs and far-eastern glyphs are aligned either at the bottom or center of the glyph.

All text elements and their children share the same baseline, even if the font or font size change.

Namespace: RSSVG.Text



Type: TSVGCustomText


Type: System.Void


Type: Char


Type: System.Void

Return Value

Type: TSVGPoint



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