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Changes for RCCS v5.x

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The RiverSoftAVG Charting Component Suite (RCCS) v5.x adds many new features to the charting suite.  The major changes are listed below.  Please see the history.txt file for more detailed information on changes.


hmtoggle_plus1iOS Support

The RCCS now supports deploying to iOS devices.


hmtoggle_plus1Android Support

The RCCS now supports deploying to Android devices.


hmtoggle_plus1New Charts

The RCCS has added new charting classes:

Path Chart (TRSPathChart and TRSDBPathChart)
Scatter Chart (TRSScatterChart and TRSDBScatterChart)



This release dramatically changed support classes in order to better support XE4 Mobile compiler features: Automatic Reference Counting, TList deprecation, and suggested deprecation of Pointer type. It makes heavy use of generics instead of older TList-type and TGHashTable classes which used pointers.  A lot of effort has gone into making the new classes support the same methods and properties of the old classes.  However, there may be changes needed to be made to your code.  Of special note:

InterfaceCollections unit has been replaced with RSInterfaceCollections unit
Contnrs.pas, GLists.pas, and GHashTable.pas have been replaced with System.Generics.Collections.pas or RSGenerics.Collections.pas

The old units are still available but are not used.


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