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Changes for RCCS v4.x

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The RiverSoftAVG Charting Component Suite (RCCS) v4.0 adds many new features to the charting suite.  The major changes are listed below.  Please see the history.txt file for more detailed information on changes.

hmtoggle_plus1FMX Support

The headline feature of RCCS v4.0 is the addition of FMX support.  The RiverSoftAVG Charting Component Suite can now be used in Win32 and Win64 (VCL) and cross-platform using FireMonkey (FMX).  The behavior and interfaces between the VCL and FMX version are extremely similar and share the same code base.  The major differences are

TCanvas changes (VCL Pixels are integers and FMX Pixels are floating point)
No Data-aware components in FMX (use LiveBindings instead)
Opacity properties of chart elements only work in FMX
Ancestors for TRSCustomChart are different in VCL (TGraphicControl) and FMX (TControl)


hmtoggle_plus1Legend ListBox Component
TRSLegendListBox component provides a listbox that displays a legend for a chart or a chart panel


hmtoggle_plus1Chart Changes

There are a few breaking changes in the latest release of the charting suite.

Charts may be stand-alone.  Charts are now TGraphicControl descendants for VCL and TControl descendants for FMX.
TRSCustomChart.Parent property has been renamed to the Panel property.  
TRSCustomLineChart.Enabled property has been renamed to LineChartElements property

Please also see Writing Cross-Library Code for more information about writing code that can be used by either the VCL or FMX versions of the RCCS.  



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