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Returns the size of the bubble as a diameter or an area. The size of the bubbles can represent the area of the bubbles or the diameter of the bubble (controlled by the SizeOption property of TRSBubbleChartValues), which affects the relative size of one bubble to another.

Bubble sizes can be negative values, although negative bubbles do not display in the chart by default (    NegativeSizeVisible must be true). When negative bubble sizes are displayed, they use their absolute size and are always drawn using the    NegativeSizeColor.

alert_cautionImportant Note

Note that for drawing purposes, the bubble size is proportional to the greatest bubble size in the collection of bubbles. Only the largest bubble is drawn with its correct diameter or area.

Namespace: RSBubbleCharts



  property Size: TRSChartValueType Index 2 read GetValue write SetValue;

Property Value

Type: TRSChartValueType

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