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The Period and PeriodValue properties define the period for a function, i.e., over what time span or value range should the function be called. The Period divides the SourceChart values collection into chunks (usually based on a time span) and calls the FunctionType for every chunk.

The predefined period values (Second, Minute, Hour, ... Year) ignore the PeriodValue property.


The predefined Period values (Second, Minute, Hour, ... Year) automatically divide the SourceChart into their time equivalents. Note that the time periods start at the beginning of the time unit until one millisecond before the beginning of the next time unit. For example, Minute divides a time period into 01:00.000 to 01:59.999.

Namespace: RSChartFunction



  property Period: TRSChartFunctionPeriod read FPeriod write SetPeriod default cfpPercentage;

Property Value

Type: TRSChartFunctionPeriod


PeriodValue only needs to be set for cftIndexRange, cftTimeRange, cftPercentageCount, and cftPercentage Periods.


The following code divides up the SourceChart values into increments of 2 hours and 30 seconds each:


RSChartFunction1.PeriodValue := EncodeTime(2,30,0,0);
 RSChartFunction1.Period := cfpTimeRange;

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