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Controls whether the first (or only) dimension should be labeled as a date time or a regular floating point number. When this property is set to True, all the labels for this chart will be drawn as a Date + Time (controlled by the  DateTimeFormat of the axis).

Namespace: RSChartPanel



  property IsDateTime: Boolean read GetIsDateTime write SetIsDateTime default False;

Property Value

Type: Boolean


Chart values, depending on the chart type, can contain 1 or more dimensional values. For example, chart values in a bar chart contain 1 value (defining the height of the bar), line chart values contains 2 dimensions: X and Y, and shape chart values contain 4 dimensions: X, Y, Width, and Height. This property controls whether the bar chart values are considered as date time in a bar chart and whether the X values are considered as date time values in a line or shape chart. With chart types that have only one dimension, such as the bar chart or pie chart, this property controls whether the bar or pie slice value should be displayed as a datetime or not. Charts that have more than one dimension (such as the line chart) will expose a  DateTimeAxes property for controlling the date time.

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