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Specifies the preferred language to use for the SVG. The TSVGSwitch element uses the language and the SystemLanguage property of TSVGElements to choose the SVG element to display (conceptually, this is localization of text or even graphics for an SVG)

Namespace: FMX.RS.SVG



  property PreferredLanguage: String read GetPreferredLanguage write SetPreferredLanguage;

Property Value

Type: String


alert_cautionImportant Note

Note that the soUseLocaleForLanguage option controls whether this property is used. If soUseLocaleForLanguage has been specified, the PreferredLanguage property is ignored. However, the soUseLocaleForLanguage is only supported on Windows so the TSVGDocument.PreferredLanguage property needs to be set for accurate results on non-Windows platforms

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