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Bitmap to draw the SVG into. The FMX.RS.SVGSyncObjs.TSVGPaintJob.DefaultWidth and FMX.RS.SVGSyncObjs.TSVGPaintJob.DefaultHeight properties define the default minimum size of the bitmap, which will be changed based on the size of the SVG and the FMX.RS.SVGSyncObjs.TSVGPaintJob.WrapMode and FMX.RS.SVGSyncObjs.TSVGPaintJob.ScaleFactor properties

The bitmap is created when the job is executed if this property is nil

Namespace: FMX.RS.SVGSyncObjs



  property Bitmap: TSVGBitmap read FBitmap write FBitmap;

Property Value

Type: TSVGBitmap


If this property is not nil on destruction, the thread will free the bitmap


Read or write this property only when the thread is not executing ( e.g., either before Start or in OnTerminate event)

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