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ParseGradientSpread(String,TSVGGradientSpread) Method

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Parses the input string for a gradient spread value, which indicates what happens if the gradient starts or ends inside the bounds of the target rectangle.

The allowable values are pad | reflect | repeat

Namespace: FMX.RS.SVGUtils



 function ParseGradientSpread( S: String; DefValue: TSVGGradientSpread ): TSVGGradientSpread;



Type: String


Type: TSVGGradientSpread

Return Value

Type: TSVGGradientSpread


If the string is empty, the default value (DefValue) is returned.

Possible values are: 'pad', which says to use the terminal colors of the gradient to fill the remainder of the target region, 'reflect', which says to reflect the gradient pattern start-to-end, end-to-start, start-to-end, etc. continuously until the target rectangle is filled, and repeat, which says to repeat the gradient pattern start-to-end, start-to-end, start- to-end, etc. continuously until the target region is filled.

If the attribute is not specified, the effect is as if a value of 'pad' were specified.

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