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Specifies whether and how to resize, replicate, and position the SVG image for rendering the TRSSVGThreadImage surface.

The WrapMode property should be one of the constants defined in the TSVGImageWrapMode type:

iwOriginal-- displays the SVG with its original dimensions.

iwFit-- best fit (keeping SVG proportions--the ratio between the width and height) for the TRSSVGThreadImage rectangle. Default.

iwStretch--stretches the SVG to fill the entire rectangle of this TRSSVGThreadImage component.

iwTile--tiles the TRSSVGThreadImage image to cover the entire rectangle of the TRSSVGThreadImage component.

iwCenter-- center the SVG inside the TRSSVGThreadImage component

Namespace: RSSVGCtrls



  property WrapMode: TSVGImageWrapMode read FWrapMode write SetWrapMode default TSVGImageWrapMode.iwFit;

Property Value

Type: TSVGImageWrapMode



Note that unlike the TImage, the iwFit mode for TRSSVGThreadImage scales the SVG as large as possible while still keeping image proportions

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