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TSVGElement.ElementAtPos(TSVGCanvas,TSVGPoint,TSVGRect,TSVGFindOptions) Method

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Returns the SVG element located at the specified position in the SVG. The method assumes the size and location of the current element is the rectangle specified by aRect. Use the ElementAtPos method to determine which SVG element is at the specified location in the current element.

If no SVG element is found at the specified location, the function returns nil


The method searches the children first in reverse order and then the current element. This ensures the visually top-most element is found

Namespace: FMX.RS.SVG




Type: System.Void


Type: System.Void

Point to match with an element


Type: System.Void

Size and location of current SVG element


Type: TSVGFindOptions

Defines the options for searching

Return Value

Type: TSVGGraphicElement

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