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Extends the FMX.RS.SVGTypes.TSVGLength class for style properties which may be inherited. The current length is stored in the current class. However, the Value property will change depending on if the length is inherited and its parent (returned via the FMX.RS.SVGTypes.TSVGStylePropertyLength.OnGetParent event). The FMX.RS.SVGTypes.TSVGStylePropertyLength.ParentValue property determines if the length should be inherited or not. If the length is inherited, the Value property uses the GetParent method (which calls the OnGetParent event) to return the inherited value.

The FMX.RS.SVGTypes.TSVGStylePropertyLength.StyleProperty property returns which style property this length is representing.

The FMX.RS.SVGTypes.TSVGStylePropertyLength.OnGetInherited and FMX.RS.SVGTypes.TSVGStylePropertyLength.OnSetInherited events allow the length class to communicate when the ParentValue property is changed.

Namespace: FMX.RS.SVGTypes

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