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TRSGPArc defines 2D arcs. TRSGPArc is drawn as part of TRSGPEllipse's contour.

The TRSGPArc object is the part of the TRSGPEllipse's contour enclosed between radiuses with the    StartAngle and RSGdiPlusCtrls.TRSGPArc.EndAngle angles.
To define the general size, shape, and position of TArc, use the ShapeRect bounding rectangle, the scaling factors specified by Scale, the RotationCenter rotation axis, and the RotationAngle rotation angle of the TEllipse object.
TArc draws the contour and fills the shape background with the Paint method. The Paint method draws the TArc contour using the drawing pen having the Stroke, StrokeThickness, StrokeCap, StrokeDash, and StrokeJoin properties of the TArc object.

Namespace: RSGdiPlusCtrls

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