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TRSGPCircle defines 2D circles.

The following TRSGPCircle properties define the circle size and position:

The bounding rectangle ShapeRect of TRSGPCircle defines the bounding square for the circle:
The length of the bounding square sides equals to Min(Width, Height) of the ShapeRect bounding rectangle.
The bounding square center coincides with the center of the bounding rectangle.

The TRSGPCircle shape is inscribed into the obtained bounding square.

You can use the Scale scaling factors of the TRSGPCircle object to proportionally scale circle coordinates along local coordinate axes. Scaling moves the circle and changes its size.

You can use the rotation axis RotationCenter and rotation angle RotationAngle of the TRSGPCircle object to modify the circle shape and position.

TRSGPCircle draws the contour and fills the shape background with the Paint method.

Paint draws the contour and fills the background using the drawing pen and brush with the properties, color, and opacity defined by the Stroke and Fill properties of the TRSGPCircle object.

Namespace: RSGdiPlusCtrls

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