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TRSGPRectangle defines 2D rectangles with customized corners.

The CornerType , XRadius, and YRadius properties define how to customize shapes of rectangle corners. Corners specifies which corners to be customized. Notice that, if Corners is an empty set or any of the XRadius or YRadius properties is zero, then no corner shape customization is used.

The rectangle size and position are defined by the following properties of the TRSGPRectangle object:

The shape rectangle ShapeRect defines the initial size and position of the rectangle.

You can use the rotation axis RotationCenter and rotation angle RotationAngle of the TRectangle object to rotate and move the rectangle.

You can use the scaling factors of the TRectangle object to proportionally scale rectangle coordinates along local coordinate axes. Scaling moves the rectangle and changes its size.
Note: Scaling not only scales the shape of an object proportionally to the scaling factors, but also changes the Stroke.Thickness of the contour proportionally to the scaling factor for each axis.

Namespace: RSGdiPlusCtrls

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