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TRSGPCanvas.FillText(TRectF,string,TRSGPStringFormat,Single) Method

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Displays a text string on a specified rectangle area of the current canvas.

FillText draws a text string using the specified String format and the current font specified by the    Font property. The text is displayed in a specified rectangle area of the current canvas.

The StringFormat object specifies text layout information (such as alignment, orientation, tab stops, and clipping) and display manipulations (such as trimming, font substitution for characters that are not supported by the requested font, and digit substitution for languages that do not use Western European digits).

Namespace: RSGdiPlusGraphics




Type: TRectF

Rectangle area where the text is displayed.


Type: string

Text to display.


Type: TRSGPStringFormat

Text layout information


Type: Single

Transparency of the Fill color. AOpacity takes values between 0 and 1. If AOpacity is 1, the text is completely opaque; if it is 0, the text is completely transparent. The values over 1 are treated as 1, and the ones under 0 are treated as 0.

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