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TRSGPCanvas.PolyBezierTo(TPoint[]) Method

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Draws a set of Bezier curves and updates the value of PenPos.

Implements drawing cubic Bezier curves using the endpoints and control points specified by the Points parameter. The first curve is drawn from the first point to the fourth point, using the second and third points as control points. Each subsequent curve in the sequence needs exactly three more points: the ending point of the previous curve is used as the starting point, the next two points in the sequence are control points, and the third is the ending point. PolyBezierTo draws lines by using the current pen and updates the value of PenPos to the value of the last endpoint.

The Points parameter gives the endpoints to use when generating the Bezier curves. Control points after a[Index+3] are ignored. Nothing happens if there are not enough control points.


In Delphi, you can use the Slice function to pass a portion of an array of points to the PolyBezierTo method. For example, to form a Bezier curve using the first ten points from an array of 100 points, use the Slice function as follows: Canvas.PolyBezierTo(Slice(PointArray, 10));

Namespace: RSGdiPlusGraphics




Type: array of TPoint

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