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TRSGPPath.SmoothCurveTo(TPointF,TPointF) Method

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Appends a smooth curve to the current path.

The smooth curve is defined by 4 points:

A start point--the last point of the path.

Two control points. If Points has more than two items, the first control point coincides with the start point of the curve, otherwise it is equal to the second control point. The Control2 parameter specifies the second control point.

An end point, specified by the EndPoint parameter.

SmoothCurveTo adds the control points and the end point of the curve to the Points array. The added point is of type CurveTo. To move the start point of the line, call  MoveTo or  MoveToRel before calling SmoothCurveTo.

To find the end point of the path, call the  LastPoint method.

Namespace: RSGdiPlusGraphics




Type: TPointF


Type: TPointF

Return Value

Type: TRSGPPath

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