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TRSGPColor is used to specify alpha colors for the GDI+ library.

TRSGPColor is used to specify the alpha color to be displayed for a visual component. It is used by the Color property of many components and by a number of other properties that specify color values.

Alpha colors constants are defined by the TRSGPColorRec record. The unit also contains definitions of useful constants for TRSGPColor. The names of the constants are composed of the clx prefix and the color names defined by the TRSGPColorRec record. These constants map directly to the closest matching color in the system palette (for example, clxBlue maps to blue).

TRSGPColor is formed of four channels (ARGB) specified as 4-byte hexadecimal number. The low three bytes represent RGB color channels, intensities for blue, green, and red, respectively, and the highest-order byte is the transparency coefficient (Alpha channel). The value $FFFF0000 (Delphi) or 0xFFFF0000 (C++) represents full-intensity, pure blue, $FF00FF00 (Delphi) or 0xFF00FF00 (C++) is pure green, and $FF0000FF (Delphi) or 0xFF0000FF (C++) is pure red. $FF000000 (Delphi) or 0xFF000000 (C++) is black and $FFFFFFFF (Delphi) or 0xFFFFFFFF (C++) is white.

For a list of the predefined colors, see TRSGPColorRec.

alert_cautionImportant Note

Use this type or TRSGPColorRec for colors in the GDI+ library, not the TColor type

Namespace: RSGdiPlusGraphicsTypes

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