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Controls the quality of the RSSVGCtrls.TRSSVGImage.Buffered painting of the SVG image. The value of quality can vary between 1 (low quality) to 8 (very high quality).


This property controls the amount of oversampling performed in the buffered drawing. The offscreen buffers' dimensions are multiplied by the Quality value. Then, the offscreen buffers are downsampled when painting the control, providing anti-aliasing of the buffered drawing.
This property is intended for mobile applications. The quality on desktop FMX applications is already high and requires no extra memory.


Occasionally, oversampling can cause different output compared to the unbuffered output. The extra size of the buffers requires more triangles to output gradients and other elements. If this exceeds Embarcadero's limits, the element is not drawn.

Namespace: RSSVGCtrls


Property Value

Type: Integer

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