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TRSSVGScreen control displays a graphical image of an SVG. The control ensures that the image is always of the highest resolution by redrawing the SVG when the control is rescaled.

Use TRSSVGScreen to display a graphical image of a SVG on a form. Use the SVGDocument and SVGRootID properties to control which SVG is displayed in the image. TRSSVGScreen introduces several properties to determine how the SVG is displayed within the boundaries of the TRSSVGScreen object.

The TRSSVGScreen class is a VCL only control.

alert_cautionImportant Note

Unlike the RSSVGCtrls.TRSSVGImage control, the TRSSVGScreen control is not transparent. Stacking TRSSVGScreen controls on top of each other will obscure the ones underneath. However, the TRSSVGScreen control can display SVGs without flicker (though tearing can still occur)

Namespace: RSSVGCtrls

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