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ParseClipRect(String,TRSRect,Boolean,TSVGUnitFactors) Method

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Parses the input string into a clipping rectangle. The input string should be in the format 'rect( top right bottom left)' where top, right, bottom, and left specify offsets from the respective sides of the box.

top, right, bottom, and left may either have a value or 'auto'. Negative lengths are permitted. The value 'auto' means that a given edge of the clipping region will be the same as the edge of the element's generated box (i. e., 'auto' means the same as '0'.)

Namespace: RSSVGUtils




Type: String

Input string to parse


Type: TRSRect

Default Value. If the string is empty, the default value is returned


Type: Boolean

Set to True when the input string contains 'inherit' keyword


Type: TSVGUnitFactors

Return Value

Type: TRSRect

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