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Using the TRSSVGPanel to create controls from SVGs (FMX)

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The TRSSVGPanel Component provides a panel for generating design-time or run-time controls (e.g., TLayout, TText, TRectangle, etc) for a SVG. Unlike the TRSSVGImage component, the TRSSVGPanel component does not draw the SVG using canvas operations. Rather, it generates the FMX controls to draw the SVG.  The TRSSVGPanel can be used at design-time to interpret an SVG, generate the FMX controls, and then delete the SVG document (requiring no files to deploy or parse).


Note that there is a TRSSVGPanel for VCL as well.  The TRSSVGPanel for the VCL is much more limited in capabilities and compatibility with the SVG specification than the FMX version. The limitations include no clipping, rotated and scaled controls may be clipped, and flickering. It is recommended to use the VCL TRSSVGPanel only on tested SVGs to prevent errors.


To use the TRSSVGPanel, perform the following steps:


hmtoggle_plus1Drop an SVG document component on your form


hmtoggle_plus1Set the Filename property to the SVG file


hmtoggle_plus1Drop a TRSSVGPanel component on the form


hmtoggle_plus1Connect the SVGDocument to the SVG document component


hmtoggle_plus1Optionally, Create FMX Controls to generate FMX controls that you can edit and save


hmtoggle_plus1Edit the SVG FMX Controls







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