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Creates a new FMX.RS.BarCharts.TRSBarChartValue instance and adds it to the Items array. Call Add to create a bar value in the collection. The new value is placed at the end of the Items array, or, if the collection is Sorted, placed at the sorted point in the collection (based on a default value (0)).

Add returns the new bar value.

Note that because every time you change a value an event is called, it is faster to add and initialize a value using the overloaded Add method.

Namespace: FMX.RS.BarCharts



  function Add: TRSBarChartValue; overload;

Return Value

Type: TRSBarChartValue


The following example creates values in the collection:


   Value: TRSBarChartValue;  // note, this type should be the same that the chart uses (e.g., TRS2DChartValue, TRSArrowChartValue, etc)
   Value := MyChart.Values.Add;
   Value.Caption := 'One';
   Value.Color := clRed;
   Value.Value := 10.0;
   // this code adds the same point but much more quickly
   Value := MyChart.Values.Add( 10.0, 'One', clRed );

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