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TRSChartGraphic.Draw(TCanvas,TCanvasRect) Method

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Paints the chart graphic to the specified Canvas in the specified location. It uses the current canvas' brush and pen. Use the Draw method to paint the chart graphic to any canvas and anywhere and with any size on the canvas.

alert_noteNotes to Inheritors

Descendant classes of TRSChartGraphic override the InternalDraw method to actually paint themselves.

Namespace: RSChartPanel



  procedure Draw( const Canvas: TCanvas; ARect: TCanvasRect); overload; virtual; 



Type: TCanvas

Canvas to draw on


Type: TCanvasRect

Rectangle in canvas to draw itself


The Draw method first calls the  OnDrawing event, which signals that it is about to draw and allows users to stop the drawing before it occurs. Then, it calls the protected  InternalDraw method to actually do the drawing. Finally, it calls the OnDraw event to signal the end of drawing of the chart graphic.

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