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Controls whether the legend is drawn on top of the charts in the chart panel or overlayed on top of the charts in the chart panel.

When Overlay is True, the charts are drawn at full size and the legend will be drawn over the charts and possibly obscuring them. When Overlay is False (the default), the legend occupies part of the chart panel and the charts are drawn in the other area. How much the legend occupies when Overlay is False is dependent on the MaxRows , MaxWidthPct and Align property. If Align is left or right, the legend occupies at most MaxWidthPct of the chart panel. If the legend is aligned with the top or bottom, the legend will occupy at most MaxRows lines (but usually less as the legend tries to create multiple columns in this case).

Namespace: RSChartPanel



  property Overlay: Boolean read FOverlay write SetOverlay default False;

Property Value

Type: Boolean

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