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TRSChartValues.GetValueDimMinimum(TRSChartValue,Integer) Method

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Returns the minimum value for the dimension. This may be modified by other values. For example, the shape value modifies the X value by adding the width value. This method is called by the  CalculateMetaData method.

alert_noteNotes to Inheritors

Override this method if you need to return a minimum value for a dimension that is depends on other factors than just the value in TRSChartValue.Values[Dimension]. For example, the TRSCandleStickChartValues class overrides this method for the Y dimension because the Y dimension is bounded by the High Dimension and Low Dimension, not the Close value.

You will probably also need to override the      SetMetaData method to set the new minimum.

Namespace: RSChartPanel



  function GetValueDimMinimum( Value: TRSChartValue; Dimension: Integer ): TRSChartValueType; virtual;



Type: TRSChartValue


Type: Integer

Return Value

Type: TRSChartValueType

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