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Limits the number of values (or RSChartPanel.TRSChartValue items) in the collection. It provides the chart the ability to limit its size automatically as values are added.

Once the Count property equals the Limit property, every time you Add another value, the 0-th value is deleted. This property makes it easy to ensure your chart values do not grow unbounded and creates an automatic sliding window display ofthe Limit number of points. Note that this is not necessarily the last Limit number of points added, as sorting the values (Sorted) can make which value is deleted unpredictable.

If you want an unlimited number of chart values, set Limit to RSChartConsts|NoLimit .

Namespace: RSChartPanel



  property Limit: Integer read FLimit write SetLimit default NoLimit;

Property Value

Type: Integer


The following code shows how Limit property can be used to limit the chart to 100 values:


   i: Integer;
   Chart1.Values.Limit := 100;
   for i := 0 to 1000 do
     Chart1.Values.Add( i );
   ShowMessage( IntToStr( Chart1.Values.Count ) ); // 100

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