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Specifies the size (in pixels) of the area of the panel that contains the actual charts, e.g., where the charts are drawn. This is the area of the panel that does not include the  Header,  Footer, axes, etc. Read ChartRect to find the size of the chart area of the chart panel. The ChartRect will change in response to what elements of the chart panel are visible and their size.

Namespace: RSChartPanel



  property ChartRect: TCanvasRect read FChartRect;

Property Value

Type: TCanvasRect


The following example uses the OnDrawingCharts event, the ChartRect (which is equivalent to ARect in this case), and the Gradient property of the chart panel to draw the gradient only in the chart rectangle area:


procedure TForm1.RSChartPanel1DrawingCharts(Sender: TObject;
   const Canvas: TCanvas; ARect: TRect; var DoDraw: Boolean);
      RSChartPanel1.Gradient.Draw(Canvas, RSChartPanel1.ChartRect);

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