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Controls the appearance of the built-in legend of a chart panel. The legend is the box in chart graphics where the points of a chart are labeled or all the charts being displayed are labeled. The Legend has properties including    BoxSize,    Lines, and    LegendStyle. Use the    Visible property to hide or show the Legend.

Usually, the legend dynamically chooses and updates the Lines property to determine what to show. By using the    OnGetLegendStrings event, you can add lines to the top of the legend. By using the    Fixed property, you can update the Lines and the legend will not overwrite them.


Use the stand-alone legend controls (TRSLegendListBox and TRSChartLegendBox) for more control and visual appeal than the built-in legend.

Namespace: RSChartPanel



  property Legend: TRSChartLegend read FLegend write SetLegend;

Property Value

Type: TRSChartLegend


The following code shows how to set the Lines and then use the Fixed property to prevent the legend from overwriting it:


   RSChartPanel1.Fixed := True;

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