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public method


Automatically arranges the graph chart - it is responsible for "pretty-organizing" our chart. The Arrange method ensures that there are no overlapping shapes and tries to avoid links running criss-crossing throughout the chart.

For a lot of graph charts, such as org charts and flow charts, nodes/values are not just scattered about the chart surface. There is a definite organization, e.g., things flow from a top to a bottom (or a left to a right) and many nodes are considered equivalent so they are placed at the same level as other nodes. The Level property of chart values ( RSGraphCharts.TRSGraphChartValue ) is an integer property from 0 to whatever specifying the level of a node. The     Arrange method uses the     Level property to divide the chart canvas into a big grid, where each cell in the grid can contain one chart value. One axis of this virtual grid will be the Levels in the chart. The other axis will be all the nodes/values at that level. The     Orientation property controls in what direction we place the levels.

For example, suppose the Orientation is coTopDown and a graph is made up of the following nodes:

Level 0: Startup
Level 1: Research
Level 2: Development
Level 3: Manufacturing, Testing, and Marketing
Level 4: Purchases, Sales

The grid would look like this:


      -------------------------------------------------       |               |               |               |       |               | Startup       |               | Level 0       |               |               |               |       -------------------------------------------------       |               |               |               |       |               | Research      |               | Level 1       |               |               |               |       -------------------------------------------------       |               |               |               |       |               | Development   |               | Level 2       |               |               |               |       -------------------------------------------------       |               |               |               |       | Manufacturing | Testing       | Marketing     | Level 3       |               |               |               |       -------------------------------------------------               |               |               |               | Purchases     | Sales         | Level 4               |               |               |               ---------------------------------

The Arrange method makes nodes of the same level the same size but different levels can have a different level size.

public method


Represents method Assign(TPersistent). (Overrides RSCharts.TRSCustomPointChart.Assign(TPersistent).)

protected method


Creates the RSChartPanel.TRSChartValues class for the   Values property

alert_noteNotes to Inheritors

Override this method to create your TRSChartValues descendant

public method


Creates sample values for illustrating how the chart will look. This function is automatically called at design-time to fill the chart with sample values. It can also be called at run-time to add more values to the chart (i.e., the chart is not cleared first)


Set the Preview property to false to have the design-time sample values show up at run-time

protected method


Draw one link

protected method


Draw all the links from the input TRSGraphChartValue to other nodes

protected method


Draws one shape at the specified rectangle (Overrides RSCharts.TRSCustomShapeChart.DrawShape(TCanvas,TCanvasRect,TRSShapeChartValue).)

public methodClass member


Returns the chart type enumerated value for this class. Each chart class overrides this class function to return the RSChartConsts|TRSChartType enumerated value (Overrides RSCharts.TRSCustomShapeChart.GetChartType.)

protected method


Initialize the OnChange events of structures. Use this method to assign event handlers for structures (e.g., Pen.OnChange := MyChangeMethod).

alert_noteNotes to Inheritors

The constructor calls this method after it calls the InitializeChart method, which is where the structures should be actually created and initialized.

protected method


Creates and initialize structures and values of chart. This method is the safe place to initialize chart values without change events occurring.

alert_noteNotes to Inheritors

The constructor calls this method. Use this method to actually create and initialize properties. Do not assign event properties in this method (use the InitializeChangeEvents method instead)

protected method


Represents method LevelChanged(TRSGraphChartValue).

protected method


Represents method LinksNotify(TRSGraphChartLink,TCollectionNotification).

protected method


Represents method LinksUpdate(TRSGraphChartLink).

protected method


Represents method OrientationChanged.

protected method


Represents method UpdateAxisInfo(TRSChartAxis). (Overrides RSChartPanel.TRSCustomChart.UpdateAxisInfo(TRSChartAxis).)


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