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public property


Specifies the RSGraphCharts.TRSGraphChartValues instance to
which this Item belongs. Each collection item belongs to the
collection which creates it. The Collection property
points to the collection object to which the value belongs.

published property


Specifies the optional level of the node. A lot of graph charts, such as org charts and flow charts, are not just scattered about the chart surface. There is a definite organization, e.g., things flow from a top to a bottom (or a left to a right) and many nodes are considered equivalent so they are placed at the same level as other nodes. The Level property is an integer property from 0 to whatever specifying the level of the node. This Level property is used by the Arrange method to divide the chart canvas into a big grid, where each cell in the grid can contain one chart value. One axis of this virtual grid will be the Levels in the chart. The other axis will be all the nodes/values at that level.

published property


Manages the collection of graph links for this chart value (e.g., the line from this graph chart value to other two graph chart values (specified by the   Value property). Each link is defined by the RSGraphCharts.TRSGraphChartLink class, which not only specifies the link but also the appearance of the link, including Caption,   LinePoints, and   ConnectionPoint.


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