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published property


Specifies the scale factor for generating the SVG FMX controls.

Use the ScaleOriginal property to scale the SVG larger or smaller within the TRSSVGThreadImage component. This is useful for controlling the tiling the SVG or zooming in or out of the SVG

published property


Specifies the SVG document to display in the control. The SVGDocument and SVGRootID properties control exactly which SVG document and which branch of the SVG document hierarchy to display.

published property


Specifies which node of the SVGDocument to draw as the top- level SVG document.

Use the SVGRootID property to display only a portion of the SVGDocument .

published property


Specifies whether and how to resize, replicate, and position the SVG FMX controls surface.

The WrapMode property should be one of the constants defined in the TSVGImageWrapMode type:

iwOriginal-- generates the SVG with its original dimensions.

iwFit-- best fit (keeping SVG proportions--the ratio between the width and height) for the TRSSVGPanel rectangle. Default.

iwStretch--stretches the SVG to fill the entire rectangle of this TRSSVGPanel component.


iwCenter-- center the SVG inside the TRSSVGPanel component


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