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TRSSVGImageList.Items Property

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Defines the collection of SVGs in the imagelist. For each SVG Item, a collection of FMX.RS.SVGImgList.TSVGSize are maintained, that specify the Width and Height of bitmaps to generate at different screen scales.

When an SVG is added to the imagelist, the component copies over the FMX.RS.SVGImgList.TRSSVGImageList.DefaultSizes collection to the Item.Sizes property.


The SVGs are embedded into the form or data module and do not need to be deployed as separate files in your final application. The bitmaps are not stored with the imagelist. New bitmaps are created when the TRSSVGImageList is loaded.

Namespace: FMX.RS.SVGImgList


Property Value

Type: TSVGCollection

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