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TRSSVGImageList Class

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Defines a TImageList composed entirely of SVGs to enable compact, graphical support of different screen resolutions and densities.

FireMonkey is a multi-platform framework (Windows, iOS, Mac OS X, and Android), and therefore FireMonkey applications work on devices having different screen densities and resolutions. Embarcadero recommends using FireMonkey multi-resolution bitmaps so that your images and icons in FireMonkey applications will appear correctly in different densities and resolutions (Windows, iOS, Mac OS X, and Android). However, a multi-resolution bitmap is a collection of bitmap items providing the same image but having different scales . This means that multiple copies of the same image are embedded in your app - most of these copies are unused as they are intended for a different scale than the one your app is running on - potentially wasting large amounts of disk and memory space.

The TRSSVGImageList component solves this problem by creating a TImageList composed entirely of SVGs. For each SVG, you specify the sizes that the SVG should take at each screen scale. The TRSSVGImageList component generates, at run-time, bitmaps only for the current screen scale, potentially saving lots of space.


It is generally not recommended to use SVGs with text on non-Windows platforms unless the specified Width and Height are large. The FMX library provides poor text quality when writing to offscreen bitmaps, which is what the TRSSVGImageList does, on these platforms.

Namespace: FMX.RS.SVGImgList

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