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This page contains components and programs you can download and use or evaluate.  Registered users should download your products from the Support page:


Component Evaluations

bullet Demo Programs
bullet Free Components
bullet Free Programs
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Component Evaluations

Note that is not recommended to mix evaluation versions of RiverSoftAVG products with paid versions on the same machine unless they are the same version number - the mismatch between the RiverSoftAVG Common Classes Library will cause packages to not load.  Uninstall all paid versions before installing an evaluation version.

RiverSoftAVG SVG Component Library - v2.x Evaluation version of the RiverSoftAVG SVG Component Library.  For evaluation purposes only.  There are no restrictions in the Evaluation version, except you cannot generate controls in the TRSSVGPanel at design-time and it only works for VCL (Win32/64) and FMX (Win32).  Additionally, if Delphi is not running, a nag screen is displayed.  September 25, 2021  Delphi Berlin-Alexandria  Note that some of the demo projects require XE8+ such as the SVGEditorFMX and ImageListFMX demo projects.  

RiverSoftAVG IMPACT - v1.x Evaluation version of the RiverSoftAVG IMPACT Instrument Package Add-on.  For evaluation purposes only.  There are no restrictions in the Evaluation version, except it only works for VCL (Win32/64) and FMX (Win32).  Additionally, if Delphi is not running, a nag screen is displayed.  September 25, 2021  Delphi Berlin-Alexandria  Note that IMPACT Evaluation Version REQUIRES the RiverSoftAVG SVG Component Library EVALUATION Version be installed either separately or as part of the installation.  

Fuzzy Logic Component Library - v5.x Evaluation version of the Fuzzy Logic Component Library (No IECS).  For evaluation purposes only.  There are no restrictions in the Evaluation version, except it only works for VCL (Win32/64) and FMX (Win32).  Additionally, if Delphi is not running, a nag screen is displayed.  September 25, 2021  Delphi Berlin-Alexandria

Genetic Algorithms & Programming Component Library - v5.x Evaluation version of the Genetic Algorithms & Programming Component Library.  There are no restrictions in the Evaluation version, except it only works for VCL (Win32/64) and FMX (Win32).  Additionally, if Delphi is not running, a nag screen is displayed.   September 25, 2021  Delphi Berlin-Alexandria

Inference Engine Component Suite - v6.x Evaluation version of the Inference Engine Component Suite.  For evaluation purposes only.  There are no restrictions in the Evaluation version, except it only works for VCL (Win32/64) and FMX (Win32).  Additionally, if Delphi is not running, a nag screen is displayed.   September 25, 2021  Delphi Berlin-Alexandria

Object Inspector Component Suite - Now exclusively available as Inspex from Raize Software.

Demo Programs

Charting Demos - 4 Demo applications which show the RiverSoftAVG Charting Component Suite in action Exe Only  December 19, 2009

N Queens Demo - Demo application which shows the Genetic Algorithms Component Library solving the N Queens problem (How do you place 8 queens on a chessboard so that no queen can take any other queen) using the different selection methods.  Exe Only  February 29th, 2008

Faucet Control Demo - Demo application which shows the Fuzzy Logic Component Library controlling hot and cold water valves to manage temperature and flow rate output. Exe Only  Updated January 30th, 2008

Health And Safety Monitor Demo - Demo application which uses the Inference Engine Component Suite to create an expert system that monitors the health and safety of a simulated spacecraft.  This is the application discussed in ourNewsletter #14: Oct/Nov/Dec 2003 EditionSource & Exe  January 28th, 2004

Inference Engine Console Demo - Demo application which uses our Inference Engine component suite.  You can execute CLIPS scripts (included) or type in commands at the application command line.  The demo also uses the dialogs from the Inference Engine Architecture to allow you to create and edit facts, fact templates, and rules at run-time.Exe Only Updated for IECS 2.0 January 7th, 2003

Inference Engine Paint Scripting Demo - This application is an an excellent example of how our Inference Engine Component suite can be used for scripting your applications.  The demo is a small paint program where you can create, open and save images (no undo or clipboard support though).  In addition, you can record your actions to make scripts that can be executed later.  A few sample scripts are also available to run. Exe Only  Updated for IECS 2.0 January 7th, 2003

Inference Engine Personnel Evaluation Demo - This application is a tongue-in-cheek demo showing how our Inference Engine Component Suite can be used to provide expert assistance in your programs. This demo specifically shows how to write business rules to evaluate an applicant's fitness for a job with a fictitious company.Exe Only  Updated for ICS 2.0 January 7th, 2003

SVG Demo Applications - These demo applications showcase the RiverSoftAVG SVG Component Library.  There are demos for VCL and FMX.  Please try your SVG files with the demo applications to verify that they will work with the RSCL.  The SVGPanelFMX demo is particularly interesting as it shows both the SVG Image component and the SVG Panel (generated FMX controls) together, as well as the ability to select individual SVG elements using the mouse with the SVG Panel component. Exe Only Updated May 17, 2015

Free Components With Source

2D Collision Detection - Class for implementing simple 2D collision detection in games.  The TRSCollisionMap is good for 2D Level, or platformer-type, games with not very many moving objects. The old overhead type games, like tank battle with buildings and a couple moving tanks (and bullets), are perfect for it. Some other examples would be BreakOut, Jumpman, Space Taxi, etc. The levels should not be too large either as this can consume a lot of memory. The perfect type of games would have a setup period where you could initialize the collision map and not too many moving objects.  Free.  Released March 31, 2004 Source and Executable

TAStarPathPlanner - Component for calculating the optimum path from one map location to another and test application.  This component is an older version of our current pathing component.  It is slow and the code needs brushing up, but you are welcome to use it and modify it.  If you use it, I would love to know about it.   No guarantees or warranties.  Free.  Updated October 19th, 2000  Source OnlyExe Only.

Flocking - Components (Delphi 6, 7, 8, and 2005) for implementing Flocking behavior and Formations (square, wedge, etc). The demo comes with source and executable for testing the flocking code. It demonstrates how to implement flocking behavior. Flocking is an artificial intelligence technique for simulating "natural" behaviors for a group of entities, such as a herd of sheep, a school of fish, etc. Flocking uses four simple rules (separation, alignment, cohesion, and avoidance) to control each member, or boid, of a flock to create an emergent behavior which mimics real-life behavior.  No guarantees or warranties.  Free.  Updated November 3rd, 2007 (see Flocking and Formation Flocking page for more details) Source and Executable

Note: The flocking component package was accidentally compiled with a reference to the GCollections or RSCommon package.  This package is not needed if you don't have them.  Delete the reference from the package.  In the Flock.pas file, delete the reference to RSConstants and add the following type: TRSTag = Integer or TRSTag=NativeInt; 

New Collection Wizard (v1.01) - Updated Sept 11th, 2002  For component writers, Delphi's TCollection class is a well-designed and time-saving list/collection class. Though it is not the fastest list object, component writers descending from this class get automatic support for their list/collection object in the IDE, automatic support for assignment statements, and well designed collection-manipulation methods. However, programming a new collection class can be tedious, this handy little wizard is designed to take the drudgery out of coding TCollection descendants. More information about the wizard and how to use it are in our latest newsletter, available on the Articles & Tips page.  This wizard also requires the PasLex files by Martin Waldenburg and our changes ( Source Only

IECS/OICS Presets Package - Created Dec 29th, 2003  We've created some Object Inspector Property Presets for editing special properties of the inference engine. In all, there are 8 presets for defining property editors using the IECS with the OICS. One tip: with these presets installed, every time you drop an object inspector on the form, the object inspector automatically adds these presets. If you do NOT use a IECS component in your project, when you run your project you will receive an "Error reading RSObjectInspector1.HPresets: Class TRSTIExxxPropertyPreset not found" exception. The solution is easy, just delete the IECS presets from the Presets property of the Object Inspector.  Source Only

RiverSoftAVG Charting Component Suite - Charting components (RCCS) for Delphi 2010-Berlin (Win32/Win64/OSX/iOS/Android) is a free (for non-commercial use) with SOURCE charting Suite for adding charts and graphs to your programs.  RCCS is FREE with source code for non-commercial uses. A commercial license is available for royalty free use by one-time purchase (upgrades are free), included with your purchase of IECS v5.x, or by submitting an accepted software component to be included into the RiverSoftAVG Charting Component Suite. v6.9  Updated November 20, 2023 (Older versions:  v5v4.1v3.0)

Free Programs

HelpScribble Apprentice - HelpScribble Apprentice is a free utility application for HelpScribble users which is intended as an adjunct to HelpScribble.  We do not support this program anymore as we have gone to other Help options.  Use at your own risk.  Exe Only Updated Nov 24th, 2012

InnoSetup Script Component Helper -InnoSetup by Jordan Russell is a "free installer for Windows programs. First introduced in 1997, Inno Setup today rivals and even surpasses many commercial installers in feature set and stability."  ISSComponentHelper is a small program for Delphi Component developers who need to distribute their code using InnoSetup.  This utility allows you to specify a Delphi project (*.dpr) or Delphi Package (*.dpk), parses the file looking for dependencies, and then generates a list of dependent files that need to be distributed with the project or package. For example, if you had a package called MyPackage.dpk which contained 2 files, File1.pas and File2.pas, ISSComponentHelper would determine you need to include MyPackage.dpk, MyPackage.res, File1.pas and File2.pas (plus any *.res files they need if they include them).

ISSHelper is provided as a free utility. No warranties or guarantees are implied. Use at your own risk. Zip File  Updated February 3rd, 2004

Open Source

The Inference Engine Component Suite version 2.0 uses one piece of open source code, PasLex, by Martin Waldenburg.  The licence for his software and all previous versions has been moved to the MOZILLA PUBLIC LICENSE.  We modified TmwPasLex to descend from TPersistent and changed the Init and Next methods to virtual.  Then we created a new class, TmwCachedPasLex, which caches the tokens of the parse allowing searches to be made on the source code based on tokens (much more robust than searching for a string).  You can download the file yourself (there are comments on how to use it): mwCachedPasLex.pas or the entire update (Updated November 29th, 2003)


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