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RiverSoftAVG SVG Component Library - "SVG for Vcl and FMX"

The RiverSoftAVG SVG Component Library (RSCL) is a scalable vector graphics (SVG) component library for Delphi and Appmethod (Object Pascal) and supports both VCL and FMX.  The RSCL provides the ability to read, edit, display, and write SVGs in Delphi.  The RSCL provides Delphi developers access to the large library of free and commercial SVG graphics available from the web.  The RSCL is, for the most part (see SVG v1.1 specification compatibility), a conforming static SVG viewer and editor (e.g., dynamics are provided through Delphi instead of through SVG scripting).  For Delphi 10 Berlin-11 Alexandria (Win32/Win64/OSX/iOS/Android).  

RiverSoftAVG IMPACT - "Add IMPACT to your applications"

RiverSoftAVG IMPACT is an instrument package add-on for our RiverSoftAVG SVG Component Library (RSCL) and provides high quality, resolution independent, and easily customizable instrument components.  IMPACT supports Delphi Berlin through 11 Alexandria, VCL and FMX, and is for Windows, Mac OSX, iOS and Android.  IMPACT comes with a large suite of gauges and gadgets, including clocks, compasses, batteries, speedometers, lights, an altimeter, barometer, and more.  Easily add IMPACT to your applications with this new addon from RiverSoftAVG.

Inference Engine Component Suite - "Intelligent Programming"

The Inference Engine Component Suite (IECS) is the powerful Delphi and Appmethod (Object Pascal)  component suite for adding rule-based intelligence and fuzzy logic to your programs!  This professional suite provides expert system (rule-based) programming from within the Embarcadero Delphi, RAD Studio or Appmethod environment and supports both Vcl and FMX.  For Delphi 10 Berlin-11 Alexandria (Win32/Win64/OSX/iOS/Android/Linux) 

Fuzzy Logic Component Library

The Fuzzy Logic Component Library is a powerful fuzzy logic component package for Delphi and Appmethod (Object Pascal) and supports both Vcl and FMX!  The Fuzzy Logic Component Library is the same technology that comes with the Inference Engine Component Suite but is also available stand-alone for those who want the power of fuzzy logic in their programs without the full expert system support provided by the IECS.  For Delphi 10 Berlin-11 Alexandria (Win32/Win64/OSX/iOS/Android/Linux) 

Genetic Algorithms & Programming Component Library

The Genetic Algorithms & Programming Component Library (GACL) is a powerful genetic algorithms solution for Delphi and Appmethod (Object Pascal) and supports both Vcl and FMX!  Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming help you automatically solve a wide range of problems, from optimization and search problems using genetic algorithms to data fitting, prediction and modelling, or decision strategy and game control using genetic programming. The Genetic Algorithms & Programming Component Library provides simple yet powerful components for designing, evolving, and using genetic algorithms and genetic programs.  For Delphi 10 Berlin-11 Alexandria (Win32/Win64/OSX/iOS/Android/Linux) 

Object Inspector Component Suite

Object Inspector Component Suite LogoThe RiverSoftAVG Object Inspector is an advanced visual component for providing a Delphi-like Object Inspector component to your programs.  Now available as Inspex from Raize Software.



RiverSoftAVG Charting Component Suite

The RiverSoftAVG Charting Component Suite (RCCS) for Delphi 10 Berlin-11 Alexandria (Win32/Win64/OSX/iOS/Android) is a free (for non-commercial use) with SOURCE charting Suite for adding charts and graphs to your programs, and supports both Vcl and FMX.  For Delphi 10 Berlin-11 Alexandria (Win32/Win64/OSX/iOS/Android/Linux) 




HelpScribble Apprentice

HelpScribble Apprentice is a free utility application, which is intended as an adjunct to HelpScribble by Jan Goyvaerts (  HelpScribble Apprentice is not a stand-alone tool, while it can read and write HelpScribble files (*.hsc), HelpScribble is needed for some operations and to generate the final help products.  It provides some unique editor features, ToDos, Wizards, Diff Tool, and more!

We also have many free components, utilities, editors, and programs on our Downloads page.

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