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Returns the embedded sub-chart for the value. Use the SubChart property like any other chart in the component suite (e.g., add values, set properties, etc). You may need to cast the SubChart to the specific chart type to access all the properties (e.g., RSCharts.TRSPieChart , TRSBarChart, etc). To set the SubChart, assign a chart object to the property.

The TRSChartInChartValue class will ensure freeing the SubChart if its Owner is nil.

Namespace: RSCharts



  property SubChart: TRSCustomChart read FSubChart write SetSubChart;

Property Value

Type: TRSCustomChart


The following example creates three sub-charts, two in which the SubChart is managed by the TRSChartInChartValue class and one in which the SubChart is freed by its Owner:


   // Chart In Chart will ensure freeing the pie chart
   RSChartInChart1.Values.Add.SubChart := TRSPieChart.Create(nil);
   // Chart In Chart will ensure freeing the bar chart
   RSChartInChart1.Values.Add.SubChartType := ctBarChart;
   // Form will free the line chart
   RSChartInChart1.Values.Add.SubChart := TRSLineChart.Create(Self);

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