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Specifies the field name whose value is used for the  Caption property of the data-aware chart values. Use DataFieldCaption to bind each data-aware chart value to a field object in the dataset. To fully specify a database field, both the dataset and the field within the dataset must be defined. The DataSource property of the chart specifies the dataset that contains the data field.

Use the other DataFieldXXX properties to specify the field names for other properties of the chart value (e.g., DataFieldX specifies the field for the X property of the value). For chart value properties that don't have a corresponding DataFieldXXX property, you can use the    OnGetChartValue event to change their values.

Namespace: RSDBCharts



  property DataFieldCaption: WideString index 1 read GetDataField write SetDataField;

Property Value

Type: WideString

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