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The Inference Engine Component Suite is designed to be generally compatible with CLIPS expert systems.  CLIPS is a rule-based expert system originally developed at Johnson Space Center of NASA. It attained remarkable popularity and was ported to many different computer platforms. For the purposes of the component suite, CLIPS refers to the syntax of the text files which contain rules, facts, fact templates, and functions. The TInferenceEngine component supports a subset of the functions available in CLIPS (see Functions).

The Inference Engine Component Suite supports the following CLIPS constructs: defmodule, defrule, deftemplate, deffacts, defglobal and deffunction.

The Inference Engine reads and writes CLIPS syntax using the its own parser (the TIEClipsParser object).  However, the suite is designed so that it can be extended to use other parsers).  Component writers can create their own parser objects to handle different syntax.

Some caveats about the Inference Engine support of CLIPS:

bullet COOL (CLIPS Object Oriented Language) and its functions are not not supported
bullet truth maintenance is not supported (logical keyword)
bullet OR and For All Conditional Expressions are not supported
bullet Other miscellaneous functions are not supported
CLIPS Documentation can be found at (see the Users Guide)
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