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About the Fuzzy Logic Component Library

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FuzzyLogicLogoThe Fuzzy Logic Component Library is a powerful fuzzy logic component package for Delphi and Appmethod (Object Pascal) (Win32, Win64, OSX, iOS and Android)!  The Fuzzy Logic Component Library is the same technology that comes with the Inference Engine Component Suite but is also available stand-alone for those who want the power of fuzzy logic in their programs without the full expert system support (and cost) provided by the IECS.   For Delphi 2010-Berlin (Win32/Win64/OSX/iOS/Android) and Appmethod (Object Pascal)


Key Benefits


100% Source Code

For VCL and FMX

For Win32, Win64, OSX, iOS, and Android

Full Fuzzy Logic Support (see our Fuzzy Logic Primer)

Fuzzy Correlation and Inference

29 Different Fuzzy Hedges (including addition (hot + warm), about, not, very, normalize, etc)

Fuzzy Operations (and, or, and-mean, or-product, etc)

Defuzzification Methods (mean of maxima and moment)

Support for easily graphing fuzzy sets using TeeChart or RiverSoftAVG Charting Component Suite

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