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TActivityNetwork.GetCriticalActivities(TAOEEvent,TAOEEvent,TStrings,Integer) Method

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Returns a TStrings object containing all the critical activities in the network between the StartEvent and FinishEvent parameters.

A critical activity is an TAOETask object where the EarliestStartTime and LatestStartTime properties equal, in other words a task that can neither start early nor delay starting without affecting the entire project's completion time.

The TStrings object may be passed in using the Path parameter or, if this parameter is nil, the method will allocate a TStrings object for which you are responsible for freeing. The String property of the TStrings contains the TAOETask Name property and the Objects property contains the TAOETask itself. This function also returns the total project earliest completion time in the PathTime parameter.

Namespace: ActivityNetwork



Type: TAOEEvent


Type: TAOEEvent


Type: TStrings


Type: Integer

Return Value

Type: TStrings

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