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RiverSoftAVG Products Help

The following changes have occurred in the Common Help file:

October 2016

Refactored to Documentation Insight

Completed help for all classes

Added multiple new units


November 2012

Fixed table of contents

Updated Hierarchy Pages


April 2012

Added FMX.RS.CanvasHelper unit (but not all content)

Added help topic for Writing Cross-Library Graphics Code.

Updated RSGraphics unit help topic


August 2005

Added RSConstants unit

Added RSGraphics unit

Added RSEncodedBits unit


March 2004

Added help topics (but not content) for IVector, IBaseStreamToken, IBaseStreamTokenList interfaces in CommonInterfaces unit

Added help topics (but not content) for TBaseStreamToken, TBaseStreamTokenList, TGSpecialFiler and some types in GStreams unit

Added help topics (but not content) for TGCollection, TMaxCountStrings, TRecentFiles in Structures unit

September 2003

Added RSDeltaFont unit

Added RSHintWindow unit


May 2002

Added TGCollectionItem class

Added TGInterfaceList

Added TIHashtableEntry

Added TIHashTable

Added TIHashtableEnumerator

Added TFreeListIterator


September 2000

Initial Version


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