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Returns the main (or only) dimension in a chart value - which dimension is returned is based on the chart type. A chart value, depending on the chart type, can contain 1 or more dimensional values that define the chart value.

For example, each chart value in a bar chart contains 1 value (defining the height of the bar), line chart values contains 2 dimensions: X and Y, and shape chart values contain 4 dimensions: X, Y, Width, and Height. The    ValueCount property returns the number of dimensions in the chart value. Use the Values property to access each dimension in the chart value (Note that TRSChartValue descendant classes expose properties, such as X and Y, which are safer to access the specific dimension of the value. You should not count on a specific dimension index to contain a specific property).

alert_noteNotes to Inheritors

To change which dimension is returned by this Value, override the GetDefValue and    SetDefValue methods

Namespace: RSChartPanel

Property Value

Type: TRSChartValueType

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