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Returns the next item in the enumeration (Objects property of TStrings as a TRSPointerType). If there are no more items, the method will raise an exception. To check if there are more items, use the    HasMoreElements method. The NextElementP method advances its place in the enumeration and then returns that item. Every call to NextElementP returns a new item (until the end of the enumeration). If you wish to access the current item multiple times in a loop, use the    CurrentElementP method.

This method is part of the CommonInterfaces.IIterator interface.


The    NextElementO method implements the NextElement method for the CommonInterfaces.IObjectIterator interface, and the    NextElement method implements the NextElement method for the CommonInterfaces.IStringIterator interface.

Namespace: RSInterfaceCollections

Return Value

Type: TRSPointerType

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