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RiverSoftAVG Products Help

Version 2.0 is a MAJOR upgrade to the Inference Engine Component Suite (IECS).  Over a year in the making, version 2.0 provides many exciting new features as well as making existing features more powerful.  Please see the History.txt file for a complete listing of changes.  This help page details only the major changes to the IECS in version 2.0.  Owners of the previous version of the IECS should check out the Upgrading from IECS Version 1.x page.


New!  Database Support!  IECS is now database-aware through the TDBInferenceEngine component and TIEDataSet component

New!  Fuzzy Logic!  IECS now supports fuzzy expert systems and fuzzy inferencing

New!  Expert System Wizard!  Step-by-step guide to creating expert systems, with examples.  Available by right-clicking on TInferenceEngine

New!  Type Definitions!  IECS adds a new construct, the deftype, which allows you to define types that allow type inheritance, enumerations, range checking, and fuzzy sets.  At design-time, the TInferenceEngine.DefinedTypes property allows access to the new types

New!  User Function Wizard!  Wizard helps you quickly and easily create the code for defining a user function in the IECS

New!  Console Dialog!  IECS adds a new console dialog, similar to the Advanced Console Editor Demo

New!  Type Definition Editor!  Design-time and Run-time editor for the new deftype construct

New!  Over 90 New Functions, bringing the total to over 280 functions!  New functions for dates and times, database, fuzzy logic, and more

Improved Expert System Execution!  IECS executes expert systems up to 2.5x faster!

Tons of other features including Improved Fact Template Definition, Improved Dialogs, Improved Parsers and Parser Support, and Improved and New Collection/List Classes


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