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Provides the properties and behavior of the left (vertical) chart axis for a TRSCustomChartPanel component. The RSChartPanel.TRSChartAxis class is responsible for managing the display of an axis (e.g., grid lines, labels, title) and for managing the range of chart values on an axis and converting between axis values and pixel values.

The TRSCustomChartPanel component uses the TRSChartAxis class for its four axes:    BottomAxis,    LeftAxis,    RightAxis, and    TopAxis. A RSChartPanel.TRSCustomChart component also keeps a reference to the horizontal and vertical axis that apply to its chart values (see    HorizontalAxis and    VerticalAxis properties).

The most important properties of the chart axis class are the    Minimum and    Maximum properties, which specify the range of the axis, and the    ZoomMinimum and    ZoomMaximum properties, which specify the zoomed range (e.g., visible range) of the axis. The    Options property controls the display of the axis and well as controlling whether the axis automatically updates its Minimum and Maximum range values based on the Charts, and their values, assigned to the axis. The most important methods of the axis are the AxisToPixel and    PixelToAxis methods, which are responsible for converting between the actual values of the axis and their location on a Canvas.

Namespace: RSChartPanel



  property LeftAxis: TRSChartAxis read FLeftAxis write SetLeftAxis;

Property Value

Type: TRSChartAxis


The following code sets up an axis for a temperature:


   RSChartPanel1.BottomAxis.Title.Text := 'Temperature (C)';
   RSChartPanel1.BottomAxis.Minimum := 0;
   RSChartPanel1.BottomAxis.Maximum := 100;
   RSChartPanel1.BottomAxis.MinStepIncrement := 5;
   RSChartPanel1.BottomAxis.Format := '##.00 C';
   RSChartPanel1.BottomAxis.LabelStyle := alsValue;
   RSChartPanel1.BottomAxis.Options := [axShowLabels, axShowGrid, axShowTitle];

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