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Provides design-time (and run-time) access to an SVG document. Specify the Filename of the SVG to load or use the Lines property to "bundle" your SVG into the application

Namespace: FMX.RS.SVGCtrls

At design-time, you would:

Drop an SVG document component on your form ( RSSVGCtrls|TRSSVGDocument for VCL, TRSFMXSVGDocument for FMX) SelectComponentVcl

Set the TRS[FMX]SVGDocument.Filename property to the SVG file. Alternatively, you can directly paste the SVG into the Lines property (warning: Delphi's TStrings editor will truncate long lines causing problems with some SVG text)

Drop a TRSSVGImage component on the form

Connect the TRSSVGImage.SVGDocument to the RSSVGDocument1 (VCL) or RSFMXSVGDocument1 (FMX) SelectSVGDocVcl

Optionally, if you only want to display one branch of the SVG document, you can set the TRSSVGImage.SVGRoot property to the SVG element you want to display. If the SVGRoot is not empty and it does not equal any SVG element in the document, nothing is displayed.

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